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Russ is an award-winning Canadian contemporary realist painter and illustrator, with a focus on faces and figures. His work is traditionally hand-drawn & painted using a variety of mediums including acrylics, oils and coloured pencils.

He is an unabashed movie enthusiast (ie. film geek) and the art and craft of cinema has always been a big source of inspiration for his art and illustration work.

He lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada with his wife, son, and their rambunctious German Shepherd rescue dog.


Available and interested in movie, tv and pop culture related artwork: 

  • Officially licensed freelance work including movie posters, cover/box art, steelbooks, limited edition gallery work

  • Book cover art, magazine and editorial illustrations

  • Private group commissioned alternative movie posters

To hire Russ for official/licensed projects, please email him with a description of your project and applicable details to determine feasibility (timeline, art budget, availability of photo references, etc.):

You can also follow Russ on Instagram and Letterboxd to see his latest work, news, interests and movie ratings/reviews:

  • Instagram
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