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Russ is a Canadian-based realist painter, illustrator and multi-disciplinary designer.   


His artwork is drawn and painted using a variety of traditional mediums including acrylic and coloured pencils.

Russ combines his background in fine arts and design with his love of cinema to create alternative movie posters and pop-culture themed illustrations with a painterly approach. Movies and the art of cinema have always been a major source of inspiration for him.


He is working to achieve new creative goals including officially licensed movie, television and sports related artwork for entertainment brands, pop-culture galleries, and publications.

Available and interested in officially licensed movie, tv and pop culture related artwork: 

  • Movie posters, cover/box art, Steelbooks, limited-edition gallery work

  • Book cover art, magazine and editorial illustrations

  • Private group commissioned alternative movie posters

To hire Russ, please email or DM on Instagram with a description of your project and applicable details. 

You can also follow Russ on Instagram and Letterboxd to keep up with his latest work, interests and movie reviews:

  • Instagram

Poster Making Process

My illustration work is hand-painted traditionally (using Liquitex Acrylic Gouache) on white or black illustration board and rendered with a finish layer of coloured pencils (Caran d’Ache Luminance).


The finished artwork is then photographed and imported into Photoshop. 
Depending on the poster,  I will add a few digital layers or enhancements at the end to bring the poster to life. Sometimes, I add extra "color-grading" layers in Photoshop over the original painting for a specific graphic effect. Titles and billing block are the final layers.

Video: Making the 13 Assassins Poster (2024)

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